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Product Strategy / Development

Great products start with a great strategy. We'll help you through both the business and technical decisions you should make before undertaking a software engineering project. We have decades of professional experience in managing products of all types and sizes, so from start-up projects to highly scalable consumer and business facing web applications, our architects and software developers craft solutions that elevate user experiences to a whole new level.

Our Emphasis Is On You

We consistently try to meet the development expectations of each customer involved with the project, making sure to never lose focus on providing the best possible customer experience.

With capabilities in every aspect of software engineering including architecture, data management, backend systems, cloud infrastructure and optimization, and web and mobile applications, we are a talented group of professionals with a fully integrated and greatly empowering business technology organization.

It Is About Quality

We have first-class systems, processes, and protocols in place to make certain that every customer receives the highest quality of work. Our specialized quality assurance (QA) process is expected to discover design issues and development errors while testing a product's user interface (UI) and evaluating the user experience (UX).

Having a very trustworthy quality management structure in place means we can work on any project you can envision.


All of our customers have something in common; they have a trusted software partner to help them accomplish their dreams! 

M360DEGREES eats kryptonite for lunch, we make companies faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall competitors in a single bound... 

Skills : 

As a company we have a very particular set of skills, skills that we've acquired over a very long career. Skills that make us a very valuable asset for professionals like you. M360Degrees doesn't just develop software, we compose, orchestrate and perform modern art masterpieces.

 Front & Back End : HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular JS, JavaScript, PHP, .NET (C#), Python, Node.js, Java.

Framework : Yii, CI, Laravel, Django, Xamarin.

Native Mobile Applications : Objective C (IOS), Java (Android).

Hybrid Mobile Applications : Ionic, Cordova, Framework 7.

Database : SQL-MySQL, Oracle, SQLite.


High quality, custom websites that deliver results. We specialize in planning, designing, and developing websites that provide a positive return on investment for organizations. We do customized website solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements and business objectives.

Web Applications

Development you can depend on. Our experienced, web application and software development team is second to none. We have a proven track record of developing high quality custom solutions that our clients rely on for their success.

Mobile Applications

Engage with customers while on the go. Maximize the opportunities that mobile technology offers your organization with our mobile development solutions.

Systems Integration (API)

Create easier and more efficient ways to manage data operations. The right Application Program Interface can offer any business a smarter and safer way to share important information back and forth instantaneously.


We construct distributed-ledger technology solutions from the ground up that offer internet users the competency to generate value and authenticate digital information.

Office Discussion : 

Join Michael and the Sr. Executive Team of ACME Credit Services while they explore the possibilities of Blockchain Technology.

Booth Discussion : 

Listen in on the tech booth discussion between Michael and his visitor that stops by to learn about Blockchain Technology.

Centralized vs. Decentralized

The real difference between a traditional database and a blockchain starts with their structural design.

Centralized Server - Traditional Database

A database running on the Internet is generally utilizing a computer system in which a central server provides data to a number of networked devices. A networked user with proper authorization can modify entries that are stored on a centralized server. By changing the 'primary copy', whenever a person accesses the database from an active account they will receive the latest or updated version of the database entry.

The management of the database remains with the network administrators, granting a central authority to maintain access levels and all system permissions for the users.

Decentralized Server - Blockchain Database

Each user maintains, computes, and updates new data records with a blockchain database. With a Blockchain solution each person operates under a consensus model of trust working together to achieve identical results with their peers.

with Blockchain, a decentralized digital ledger, it establishes the distribution of powers by the top management to the middle or low-level management. It is the delegation of authority, at all levels of management.

Blockchain Platforms

#1. BigChainDB

BigChainDB is an open source system that begins with a big data distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics: decentralized control, immutability and the transfer of digital assets.

#2. Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts on a custom built blockchain.

#3. Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric supports the use of one or more networks, each managing different Assets, Agreements and Transactions between different sets of Member nodes.

#4. Openchain

Openchain is an open source distributed ledger system for issuing and managing digital assets.

#5. Multichain

Multichain is an open-source blockchain platform, based on bitcoin’s blockchain, for multi-asset financial transactions.

#6. Symbiont

Symbiont is a distributed ledger inspired by Apache Kafka. It provides all parties the control benefits of their own private ledger with the ease and simplicity of a single centralized ledger.

Learning Management System
M360 LMS

Our Learning Management System M360 LMS is adaptable to a variety of schools, organizations and enterprise business models. It is easily molded to meet the  demands of your students! 

Security & Compliance

Built on VMware's vSphere platform, your HealthCare software application will reside on the world's leading virtualization technology. As the clear leader in virtualization, servers built with VMware provide major benefits over traditional servers, including superior uptime via High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS).

We provide a complete HIPAA Compliant Hosting Experience for our customers.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

2 Factor Authentication 

Managed by data center personnel with security cameras surrounding the tech building inside and out. Biometric scanners read the fingerprints of those entering the data centers to ensure only authorized people can enter.

  Business Associate Agreement
  PHI Data Encryption
  Password Management
  Secure VPN Connections
  2 Factor Authentication
  Anti-Virus Protection
  Web Application Firewall
  Multi-tenant Isolation
  Host Intrusion Detection
  Server Audit Logs
  Off-site Backups
  Managed Firewalls
  Encrypted Hard Drives
  Data Destruction Policy
  Vulnerability Audit Surveys
  Site-to-site VPN Tunnels
  ThreatStop Botnet Firewall
  Complete Monitoring

VM RACKS Data Centers


VM Racks maintains data centers in multiple geographic locations including San Diego, CA and Phoenix, AZ. The facilities are SSAE 16 certified and feature carrier-neutral Internet connectivity. Each data center is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and N+1 redundancy in network infrastructure. The data center's backbone Cisco routers yield multipath connections to nine tier-one backbones.

VM Racks' data centers feature connectivity via redundant OC-48s linked to Cisco 15454 SONET MPPs for the highest levels of uptime. OC-48 connections provide access to hundreds of fiber networks and carriers. The AC/DC power systems include dual 500KVA UPS systems and generators which are serviced regularly and tested semi-annually. Even the air conditioning components have redundancy factored in. All these features help make their data centers the most reliable environment for providing maximum uptime for our customers.

Secure SSH Protocol

Site-to-site VPN Tunnels 

Data files are transferred over a secure tunnel using RSA Key Exchange for encryption. The encryption prevents unauthorized access during the transmission of data between any two locations.

Protecting All Data During Transmission And At Rest

Secure and Encrypted Transfer 

The hard drive of the SFTP server is encrypted to ensure that the documents reside in an encrypted container, which meets HIPAA guidelines. Encryption is AES-256 (type of encryption).

  Secure and Encrypted Transfer
  Encrypted Hard Disk Storage
  Anti-Virus Protection
  Anti-malware Protection
  Vulnerability Scanning
  Host Intrusion Detection
  Password Management
  Enterprise Monitoring

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