Our Story:

M360DEGREES is a Trusted Software Company that began with the first hard worker who needed a website. From its inception it has operated with one simple principal; that is, to create happiness for others while empowering organizations to innovate, transform, and achieve better business results!

With God’s timing and blessings M360DEGREES has experienced marvelous beginnings. As a firm that believes in you, we are so honored to serve many wonderful loyal partners and clients, some fortune 1000 companies, small and medium sized businesses, schools and universities, healthcare organizations, a few A-list celebrities and professional ball players, but most importantly, always good hard working people who “believe”, “dream”, and need a trusted software partner along the way.

Company Information:

12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038

Email: sales@m360degrees.com

Our Team Emphasis Is On You

All of our customers have something in common; they have a trusted software partner to help them accomplish their dreams. We consistently try to meet the development expectations of each customer involved with the project, making sure to never lose focus on providing the best possible customer experience.

We’ll help you through both the business and technical decisions you should make before undertaking a software engineering project. We have decades of professional experience in managing products of all types and sizes, so from start-up projects to highly scalable consumer and business facing web applications, our architects and software developers craft solutions that elevate user experiences to a whole new level.

 With capabilities in every aspect of software engineering including architecture, data management, backend systems, cloud infrastructure and optimization, and web and mobile applications, we are a talented group of professionals with a fully integrated and greatly empowering business technology organization.

Composing Result Driven Solutions Is Our Calling

We Are At Your Service!

Fully Responsive Websites

High quality, custom websites that deliver results. We specialize in planning, designing, and developing websites that provide a positive return on investment for organizations. We do customized website solutions tailored to meet your exact requirements and business objectives.

Web Applications

Development you can depend on. Our experienced, web application and software development team is second to none. We have a proven track record of developing high quality custom solutions that our clients rely on for their success.

Mobile Applications

Engage with customers while on the go. Maximize the opportunities that mobile technology offers your organization with our mobile development solutions.

Systems Integration (API)

Create easier and more efficient ways to manage data operations. The right Application Program Interface can offer any business a smarter and safer way to share important information back and forth instantaneously.

A Private Cloud For Team Collaboration

Access & share your files, calendars, contacts and chat from any device connected to the Internet

Communicating with your team members on a new concept can be overwhelming at times, so we help you organize thoughts and valuable data into one place; M360DEGREES brings your team and ours together while utilizing a very secure and private cloud dedicated to you and your company.

Every customer receives a teamwork environment for an easier way to schedule meetings, visualize details, share files, chat, and meet the requirements of each stage of the project.


It Is Our Trifecta!

UI/Ux Design – Web/Mobile – Team Support


UI/UX Design

The success or failure of an application or software relies on the UI/UX design to make a great impression on the user.

We specialize in human-centered customer experiences across digital product innovation, technology transformation and inventive marketing.


Web/Mobile Development

Our development process is iterative so all tasks are performed with the continuous analysis of results and adjustment of previous sprints


Team Support

With a focus on service excellence, we are committed to making the management of all, or parts of your software application simple, reliable and secure. Our US-based service team is available at any time to handle issues.

We are just honored to serve

Our success has been driven by your passion for greatness in all that you do!

Development Process

Five Key Steps

  • Strategic Beginnings

    If you already have your product ready for development, awesome! However, if you do, you'd be among a very small group of professionals who engage M360DEGREES on a daily basis. The other ninety percent of professionals have great "ideas" but look to our teams for guidance in defining the investment potential, technology stack, timeline, total cost of ownership and the ongoing maintenance required to launch a sustainable software solution for either their long term business practice or a one time fleeting project. No matter your circumstance we help all kinds of hard working people who "believe","dream", and need a trusted software partner along the way.

  • Architecture Planning

    Our software engineers can help you determine the right architecture for your project.  It is so very important to utilize a structured solution so that your software application architecture meets all of the technical and operational requirements, while optimizing common quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability. Each software development project experiences a number of stages: ideas, strategy, design, development, testing, and so on. But there is definitely one crucial step in the process that can make or break the success of your software and that is during the architecture planning portion of the project. Selecting the correct architecture for the job is not hard but it does involve a series of decisions based on a broad range of information, and each of these decisions can have a significant impact on both the quality and performance of your final product.

  • Sleek Design

    There is a very good chance that someone you consider a friend today had already formed an initial opinion of you within five minutes of meeting you. If that shocks you, try this on for size. A customer normally allows a new business 0.05 seconds before a user forms an opinion about a product, (do I walk) or (continue) to use the software application? A successful product must support a sleek eye catching design from the visual appeal right down to the colors.

  • Experienced Programmers

    No matter what programming language is used the code should demonstrate the same time-honored qualities: simplicity, readability, layering, design, modularity, efficiency, elegance, and clarity. Our team is made up of experienced coders who strive to perform clean code practices while making certain to build each custom-developed solution based on the unique requirements of our customers and their company goals set by chief executives.

  • Quality Assurance

    We have first-class systems, processes, and protocols in place to make certain that every customer receives the highest quality of work. Our specialized quality assurance (QA) process is expected to discover design issues and development errors while testing a product's user interface (UI) and evaluating the user experience (UX). Having a very trustworthy quality management structure in place means we can work on any project you can envision.


Got It Covered!

Our Partners

Many of our strategic partnerships mutually play a role in helping M360DEGREES empower the schools and businesses we humbly serve. Together, we’re able to address complex challenges worldwide – supported by our large-scale and low-cost operations.

With all partnerships in mind; we fully expect to meet our obligations to our partners and the beautiful people we serve while ever strengthening our position in the industry as a Trusted Software Company.

What are you waiting for? Let’s bring your dream to reality!