Our Story:

M360DEGREES is a Trusted Software Company that began with the first hard worker who needed a website. From its inception it has operated with one simple principal; that is, to create happiness for others while empowering organizations to innovate, transform, and achieve better business results!

With God’s timing and blessings M360DEGREES has experienced marvelous beginnings. As a firm that believes in you, we are so honored to serve many wonderful loyal partners and clients, some fortune 1000 companies, small and medium sized businesses, schools and universities, healthcare organizations, a few A-list celebrities and professional ball players, but most importantly, always good hard working people who “believe”, “dream”, and need a trusted software partner along the way.

Company Information:

12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038

Email: sales@m360degrees.com

Staffing Management & Development Services

We work closely with companies to help define their needs and identify, engage and sign quality candidates.

Outline Job Responsibilities

Our team will work with you to set the job requirements. Once we understand the sales plan and goals of your organization, we’ll recruit and manage the higher road candidates that posses the best quality business principals.

That rare hungry positive “YES” attitude that most companies seek to deliver but can never find. We want WINNERS! We want Producers! We want Success!

Locate “Higher” Candidates

We have a comprehensive “higher” process that uncovers those elite candidates which other recruiting teams might not find.

We work with all types of salespeople, including: B2B sales, technology sales, outside sales, in-home home improvement, door to door sales, inside sales, telemarketers, sales managers. You name it, we’ll find the talent.

Cross-Examine Candidates

We spend enough time with each candidate to build a qualified profile.

Our knowledge of every candidate and their motivation to work for premium dollar allows us to effectively communicate and set plans and goals that bring “higher” business results.

Sign & Manage Candidates

We run the entire operation for the organization’s sales and marketing teams. From on-boarding through the day-to-day annual operations, m360degrees works with all “higher” candidates to train, mentor, grill, and create a lot of software sales within a real-time results monitoring secure private cloud environment!

How to be on the winning side of sales

There is no such thing as a born winner. The winning professionals do make it look easy, but superior performance usually indicates that a particular person has taken the time to sharpen their skills!

Set Achievable Goals

``Higher`` Sales Candidates

Learn Sales Process

Recognize Business Opportunity

Know the Benefits

Talk to Decision Makers

Display Polite Energy

Always Be Nice

Close the Sale

Rinse & Repeat

Reinvent the way your company does business with its customers